Learning to Think Independently in Poker

I found a disturbing trend in the poker community. People want to be provided with clear rules about their poker game and don’t seem to think independently anymore. They think there’s only an optimal strategy, like a blackjack, and they know it, and then they have to go through it rigorously. This is a wrong idea!

All the advice and advice you read and receive can only be helpful, and you can adapt to the situation. Every decision of poker depends on the situation you are in. Poker is a game about people and situations. It’s not just the best strategy. Every good poker player changes his game and makes decisions according to each situation. Poker players who play games according to specific strategies and do not change their games can be more easily evaluated and are more likely to lose in the long run. They consider only decision-making strategies and omit many other important factors.

It is difficult to make appropriate decisions under different circumstances. You know what to do when you have to develop a sense of a situation. The ability to make the right decisions according to this feeling or situation can be gained by identifying practice, practical experience, and one’s own mistakes. You have to think about what different ways you could play the game. You should learn evaluation from other players and always think about what the other side can have. Over time, you can develop a sense of it.

This is very helpful in making a hand history, a record of the leaves you play. Now you can see hand history in almost every poker room. In party poker and poker rooms, you can play games very quickly and easily. For example, if you throw your opponent the last card you followed and win, you can see the history of your hands and see what the other person took. That way, you can better evaluate the Player.

When playing poker, you have to trust yourself and your decision. I try to think independently. You shouldn’t worry so much if you violate guidelines you read from books or websites. A successful poker player combines his poker knowledge with his situational evaluation skills. The losers are neither independent nor partial nor thought at all!